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Walking on sunshine

 The Happiness show

Our KS2 show focuses on developing good behaviour, high achievement and good health by being happy through :

Developing a positive mindset
Growth vs fixed mindsets, encouraging a positive outlook
Practising mindfulness
Appreciating the moment, not worrying about the past or future
Building character
Confidence, resilience, independence
Getting the right amount of sleep
The value of sleep for good attainment
Following interests and talents
Engaging in enjoyable activities

The 90 minute show has lots of interaction for the children and our live music includes "Walking on sunshine", "Happy", "Hi ho silver lining", etc

For KS1 & Foundation, our 35 minute show covers the ideas appropriately with lively action songs for all.


Reach for the stars

The aspirations show

For KS2 we look at hopes and ambitions for ourselves, our community and our world.

OURSELVES – personal aspirations
Jobs and work; skills and qualities needed; developing self belief; achieving realistic aims.

OUR COMMUNITY – our place in society
Respect for each other; heroes of our community; being a good citizen; diversity & equality.

OUR WORLD – the future of our world
Rights & needs; a fairer world; care for the environment; sustainability.

A 90 minute show using our unique mix of live music, dancing, video clips and interactive fun. Songs include "Reach for the stars" (obviously!), "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow", "What have you done today to make you feel proud", etc.

For KS1 & Foundation we look at the children’s aspirations in an appropriate way. A 35 minute show with lively action songs for all.


I feel good

The Wellbeing show - helping to support your children's wellbeing and mental health.

For KS2 we look at feeling good in BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

BODY - Physical health :
Healthy eating and physical activity.
MIND - Emotional health :
Mental health, self-esteem, handling change, personal identity.
SPIRIT - Social health :
Relationships, friendships, bullying,
resilience, respect & tolerance.

A 90 minute show using our unique mix of live music, dancing, video clips and interactive fun.

For KS1 & Foundation we cover this sensitive topic in an appropriate way. A 35 minute show with lively action songs for all.






In this show we look at classic books from the great British authors.  We look at classics such as The Jungle Book, The Wind in the Willows, Peter Pan, The Railway Children, and authors such as Shakespeare, Beatrix Potter, Tolkien, Lewis Carroll.

We don't forget more modern classics - Roald Dahl, David Walliams, Anthony Browne, etc.  We cover the material through sections on different genres e.g. Adventure, Animals, Humour, etc and have sections on Poetry and Illustrators.  And there's still plenty of music and interactive fun of course, all in a 90 minute show for KS2.

For KS1/Foundation, we have a 35 minute show looking at appropriate books and authors and involving all the children in music and dancing.

This package is ideal for encouragement of reading and as part of your school's emphasis on promoting British culture.




   British Values


Requested by Headteachers, this show supports and illustrates your work on British Values.


We cover the key areas of :
rule of law
individual liberty
mutual respect
tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

We look at the four countries of the UK and feature costumes, music and dance

We highlight the great Britons from Winston Churchill to J K Rowling

Our live music features songs to emphasise the key message of tolerance and respect e.g. "Little help from my friends", "Love train", "We are family"


We present British Values in an appropriate way for this age group
Plus a look at the four countries of the UK - learning, singing and fun


Two shows to support your local studies :


Bring your work on Liverpool alive with The Pop Project's presentation featuring the music and culture of this vibrant city

Liverpool collage

We look at :

·         The places - the Cavern to the Echo Arena

·         The styles of music - skiffle, folk, Merseybeat, the 80's, etc

·         Plus dance, comedy, football

·         And there may just be a bit of Beatles !


The excitement of the city in your school hall

The North West

The best of of the North West of England, helping your children understand more about where they live

We look at :

·         The places - Liverpool, Manchester, the towns of the NW

·         The styles of music - skiffle, folk, Northern Soul, the 60's, George Formby, etc

·         Plus dance, comedy, football

The best of the North West

And for KS1/Foundation, our usual mix of lively action songs from Liverpool and the North West.

Still one of our most popular shows :

Pop Project Books

Six decades of Books
In our KS2 presentation, we take a historical journey from the 1950s to the present day focusing on the children's books that were written and published in each decade.
  • Journey with us from Narnia to Hogwarts.
  • Meet Paddington Bear, the Snowman, the Gruffalo.
  • Find out about the great authors - Tolkien, Roald Dahl, Philip Pullman, etc.
Our live music, pictures and video clips set the context of the period and we have some interactive fun along the way.

The KS1 & Foundation presentation takes a look at books appropriate for this age, and we sing some lively action songs that even the youngest of children can join in with.

Meet everyone's favourite book characters - tank engines, hungry caterpillars, multicoloured elephants.


PP multicultural

Travelling through the decades and around the world, we look at how world cultures have influenced our music - blues, reggae, Indian. Latin American,etc.

Ideal for links to Humanities, Citizenship and Community Cohesion.

For KS1/Foundation, a whistle stop tour singing and dancing around the world in 35 minutes !

Are you studying the suggested Geography topic of :

North and South America

This presentation featuring the music and culture of the Americas will help contextualise the material you are covering.

PP Americas

We look at :
  • The places - North, Central and South America plus the Caribbean are covered
  • Styles of music - Blues, Latin American, R n B, etc
  • The culture - singing in Spanish, South American football, California surfing
  • The popular dances of modern times - the Jive, Twist, Disco, etc

And of course, our original show :


The original show tracing the history of pop music from the 50's to the present day, covering not only the music but also the culture and lifestyle of the times using pictures, video clips and artefacts of the period to make the experience truly interactive.

And for KS1/Foundation 35 minutes of singing lively action songs from each decade.


We also offer bespoke presentations to fit with your special occasions or focused topics.
e.g. The 1960's, The Beatles, school anniversaries, etc.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.



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